2021 Kent Swimming Championship Pandemic Update

Thu 24/Sep/2020

From the Kent Swimming Committee "2021 Championship Update. "It seems a long time since we were all at Crystal Palace and LAC enjoying the 2020 championships. "A lot has changed since then, and is continuing to change on a daily basis. "What about 2021 Championships? "What we can say for certain is that the 'Normal" County Championship window (weeks 2-9) will be removed from the Swimming calendar by Swim England for 2021. That means the Kent Championships for 2021, will NOT take place, at the normal time (Jan/Feb 2021). "That doesn't mean there wont be a County Championship in 2021.We are hoping that Swim England/British Swimming, will re-locate the county championships to later in the year, potentially after regionals. "As current circumstances are changing from day to day, we know 'normal competition' will not return until the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) sign off that it can go ahead. "Swim England will fully brief the counties by way of a Zoom meeting soon, and as soon as we know more we will let clubs in Kent know "Swim England/British Swimming are trying to put in place various racing initiatives and more news of that will follow in the next few weeks. "We appreciate that this is disappointing but we are entirely in the hands of not only Swim England/British Swimming, but also DCMS. "Thank you"