Christmas fun night - Simon Coe

Sunday 16th December 2007

Christmas fun night is on Monday 17th Dec at 6.30pm. Ther is no Top squad land training that night but normal Top squad training will follow fun night. All squads attend normal training times.

National Speedo League, Round 3 (8/12/07)

Sunday 9th December 2007

Orpington Ojays yet again exceeded expectations whilst hosting the final round of the Speedo League at Beckenham Spa. With a number of swimmers still recovering from illness and some key swimmers unavailable, confidence was still high from previous rounds as we faced the following swimming clubs; Erith, Southend on Sea, 1066, Alantis and Croydon. Getting off to a shaky start, the first points update had us in 4th position, just! However inspiration came from twelve 1st places; Matt Steere (2), Holly Lumm, Matt Perkins, Oliver Coe, Katherine Nye, Emily Coe (2), Mike Bond, Alise Cotton and both Men’s relays. It also came from 7 individual PB’s from Matt Steere (2), Rebecca Harvey, Joe Heaney, Holly Lumm, Oliver Coe, Katherine Nye and Sophie Livett. Four teams also delivered best times (Men’s Open medley, Girls 9-11 medley, Girls 13U freestyle & Boys 15U medley). These coupled with good strong swims from all of the team ensured that a comfortable 2nd position was secured at the end of the night. 1st Croydon Amphibians – 228 2nd Orpington Ojays – 181 3rd = Erith – 166 3rd = Southend on Sea -166 5th 1066 Swimmers - 164 6th Atlantis – 144 This has left the club in overall 8th position in the Division 1 League 5 places higher than last year! Well done to all swimmers that have competed in the Speedo League this year – you have done the club proud. Thanks also to all those that have supported the club throughout; on poolside, in the organisation and in the gallery – a great team performance!

North West Kent Junior League, Round 3 - 17/11/07

Thursday 22nd November 2007

After winning the previous round by one point expectations were high for this gala with everyone knowing winning this round would give us promotion. After the first 10 races we were 5.5 points ahead. Then after that we pulled away and never looked back. Some incredible swims and great team spirit pulled us a further 15 points ahead of our nearest rivals after 20 events. In the end we ran out clear winners with a huge 36.5 point advantage on 2nd placed GBM. Well done to all swimmers who took part. Many coming for just the one race which all counted in this great result. Special thanks must go to Henry Choong, Sam Harvey, Katie Coad and James May who all swam in excess of 5 races. Also thank you to the Top squad girls of Gemma Leggett, Katherine Nye, Emily Coe and Rebecca Harvey for their combined team managing skills. Most importantly thank you to all the parents who gave their support throughout the whole 3 rounds without your support we would not have been in this situation. Well done everyone a fantastic team performance. Look out Division 2. Final Points- 1st Orpington Ojays 216.5 2nd GBM 180 3rd Ashford 170.5 4th Eltham 142 5th Maidstone 138 6th Edenbridge 127

Orpington Ojays wins Promotion

Monday 19th November 2007

Junior squad members of the club produced a most memorable evening when they produced a very exciting and convincing win in the final round of the North West Kent Junior League on Saturday evening. The gala held at Maidstone was going to be tight as points after round 2 saw Orpington Ojays and Greenwich Borough Mariners level in the lead. However no swimmer disappointed to deliver a great win on the night. This meant that the club won the Division 3 trophy and gained promotion to Division 2 next season. Well Done! (Matt's full report to follow)

British Universities Swimming Association Short Co

Monday 19th November 2007

Four Orpington Ojays swimmers had a very successful weekend at Ponds Forge, Sheffield (16 - 18 November) Firstly ,Matt Steere competing for Imperial University swimming in 3 events; 1500m freestyle, 200m freestyle and 400m individual medley. In all three events he swam impressively and produced good personal best times of 17.09.02 (10th), 2.00.51 (20th), 4.58.96 (16th) respectively. This is especially impressive considering the distances of the events involved! Hazel Colbourne represented Loughborough University in the 200m backstroke event and although one of the younger entrants she performed strongly to reach the final. Hazel then delivered another impressive swim in the final which resulted in a well deserved 5th place with a time of 2.32.62. Ian Colbourne also had a busy weekend swimming well in three events the 200, 400 and 800 freestyle events with times of 2.06.30, 4.30.43 (11th) and 9.33.64 (19th). Ian competed for Bristol University. Dimitris Mitakos also competing for Imperial University swam strongly in the 50m back stroke event with a time of 31.77. He later teamed up with Matt for all the relay events. Well done to them all!

Simon Mullinger

Monday 19th November 2007

After 20 years of swimming for Orpington and Orpington Ojays, Simon Mullinger has reluctantly left the club due to issues with Masters squad having their training moved from a Wednesday to a Thursday evening whilst Crystal Palace is shut. He was hoping for a reduction in fees for this period as he could no longer make one of the two training sessions. This was denied as he was offered a place training with top squad on Wednesday. Unfortunately at 36 years of age he felt he would not be up to the session and would ultimately prove a disruption to the younger swimmers. Simon therefore felt he was left with no other option but to resign. Simon joined Orpington from Bromley SC at the age of sixteen and has devoteed an incredible amount of time to training with and representing the club at all levels of competition. For years he was voted club captain and eventually had to remove himself from the position to let others have a chance. As he got older he started the Masters squad we have today which has gone from strength to strength and actually married one of his fellow swimmers this year, Helen Anderson. Not only did Simon devote his swimming abilities to Orpington but both his parents spent many many Satuday evenings on poolside as extremely well respected qualified officals and Simon himself also became a qualified timekeeper. At present Simon is deciding whether or not to call it a day with swimming as he is also now a keen climber or whether to look for another club to swim for. Whatever he decides we all wish him luck for the future.

Junior Captains collect the trophy

Saturday 17th November 2007

Well done!!

Kent Junior League (Maidstone) 17th Nov 2007

Saturday 17th November 2007

CONGRATULATIONS to all swimmers on winning this years Kent Junior League and subsequent promotion to Division 2. Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speedo League Gala, Round 2 (Sat 10/11/07) – Seven

Tuesday 13th November 2007

With our spirits lifted by a fine result in round 1, there was an anticipation that again we could achieve something special. Opposition was going to be tough; Dover, Erith Southend and Sevenoaks whilst some key swimmers were unavailable. Hazel Colbourne (on leave from Loughborough Uni) and Matt Steere started proceedings with strong swims in the 200m IM (Matt with a 3sec PB!) and from then on Orpington Ojays never looked back! 9 First places were achieved; Henry Choong(2), Oli Coe, Matt Perkins, Emily Coe (2),Hazel Colbourne, Matt Steere and the Ladies Open Medley Relay. 13 Personal best times; Matt Steere (2), Sophie Livett, Henry Choong (2), Katie Coad, Ben Garwood, Katherine Nye, Sam Harvey, Blake Lewis, James May, Emily Coe (2). 10 out of 16 relay times also were improved on the previous round. With a faulty PA system the only points update took place half way through the evening placed just in 2nd position. Could we hold on?!?! All swimmers swam fast, cheered loudly and waited to the end of the gala with excitement and anticipation for the final score; 1st Sevenoaks – 183 2nd Orpington Ojays – 157 3rd = Erith & Southend on Sea – 141.5 5th Dover Lifeguards - 123 This sent the whole team into waves of joy. Parents were asking each other if anyone could remember coming 2nd (in the first 2 rounds) of the Speedo League before and other team coaches were complimenting our performance and overall team cohesiveness! What a result, what a night, what a team!!!!! To all that swam feel proud of the best club result for years. Yaour hard work and commitment has paid off. Congratulations!

ASA National Masters

Sunday 11th November 2007

Well done to all the masters who took part in the ASA National Masters & Senior Age Group Championships in Sheffield on 26-28th October to represent Orpington Ojays Masters. Very good results and quite a few medals. Well done to Alison Nye who came 1st in the Women's Open 50m Butterfly, 1st in the Women's Open 50m Breastroke, 2nd in the Women s Open 100m Breastroke and 3rd in the Women's Open 100 IM, and Women's Open 50m Freestyle and 10th Women's Open 100m Freestyle for her age group. Emma Hulls 1st in the Women's Open 50m Butterfly, 4th in the Women's Open 100m Freestyle and Women's Open 100m Freestyle for her age group. Mark Hawkins 9th in the Men's Open 50m Butterfly for his age group and Hazel Colbourne 5th in the Women's Open 100m Freestyle, 8th in the Women's Open 200m Backstroke and Women's Open 200m Freestyle for her age group. Well done to you all. The next big event for the Masters is the London & SE Regions LC Masters on 2 & 3rd of February 2008 in Crawley, West Sussex. Let's try to get a few mixed teams together for the relays.

Speedo Gala Sevenoaks 10th Nov 6pm

Saturday 10th November 2007

Tonights gala is at Sevenoaks Leisure Centre not Sevenoaks school pool address is Buckhurst Lane Sevenoaks TN13 1LN

London Region Winter Championships 3 & 4th Nov 200

Tuesday 6th November 2007

Only six of our senior swimmers out of the group of those who had achieved qualifying times (Matt Steere, James Briggs, Katherine Nye, Holly Lumm, Rebecca Harvey & Emily Coe) travelled to north west London to compete in the Regional Championships. The timing of these champs in the middle of a training cycle meant that the personal best times would be difficult to achieve however everyone was going to give their best. The larger north London teams dominated the events whilst the South London clubs were more sparsely represented in the open age group only events. Saturday got off to a early, rather chilly start with good swims from Matt Steere and James Briggs in the 50m freestyle just short of their PB’s. (Matt finishing 16th out of 96 entries!). Holly and Katherine swam well in the 200m IM event however couldn’t better their previous best times. In the afternoon they were joined by Rebecca Harvey who was accompanied by Holly in the 100m butterfly both finishing narrowly outside the top 20 placings. Matt Steere and James Briggs swam in the 100m freestyle (Matt placed 18th). Matt also completed a busy freestyle day with 12th position in the 400m improving on his seeded position. Katherine Nye however put in the performance of the day with a 6 second personal best time in the 200m backstroke and claim 20th position (10 placings higher than originally seeded!) Four girls arrived on Sunday to compete and proceedings were started off by Rebecca Harvey with a 2 second PB swim in the 200m freestyle increasing her position by over 40 places over her original seeding! Taking her lead Emily Coe followed with a 2 second PB in the 200m breaststroke booking herself a place in the final. Rebecca again was in fine form to gain yet another PB time in the 50m freestyle whilst Katherine Nye summoned a huge effort to reach 10th position with a six second PB! Emily Coe then found the energy to deliver 3rd place in the final of the 200m breaststroke bettering her PB set earlier that morning! After the excitement of the morning three tired swimmers (Emily, Katherine, Holly) competed valiantly in the final session. Katherine swam the 400m freestyle whilst Emily and Holly the 100m breaststroke. Emily again improved upon her seeding and swam well to gain a place in the final where she found something extra just missing out another medal by 0.4 seconds, finishing 5th. Well done to all that got up early and braved a cold poolside to do so well!

White Oak Open Meet 7/10/07, Black Lion

Tuesday 30th October 2007

Our first open gala of the season and a chance to set the scene for the year. We had 24 swimmers swimming 81 events and a few who had never been to an open meet before. Our younger swimmers had the tough task of trying to get into the finals from the heats – well done to Jack Dickerson for making 3/4 finals and Henry Matthews for reaching both finals in his first open. They went on to swim brilliantly, beating PB’s they had set in the heats. Also congratulations go to Elizabeth Bennett and Jessica Page, also at their first open meet and swam fantastically setting huge PB’s. From our older swimmers we had some huge PB’s (check the results sheet), there were 38 PB’s across the club, and lot’s of top 3 places, with endless amounts of cheering. PB’s were achieved by: Alise Cotton; Andrew Watson (4), Ben Garwood (2), Elizabeth Bennett, Emily Coe, Helena Oakes (2), Henry Matthews (2), Jack Dickerson (3), James Lawrence (3), James May, Jessica Page (3), Katie Davis (4), Katherine Nye, Molly Matthews, Oliver Coe, Phoebe Cashman (5), Rachel Dickerson (2), Sarah May. When it came to the medal presentations, it seemed as though everyone came away with something as anyone finishing in the top 6 got a medal and the top 3 got a glass ornament. Congratulations go the following for 1st places: Emily Coe 100m BS, Holly Lumm 100m BS, Jack Dickerson 50m FC, Nicole Cheetham 100m BF and Oliver Coe 100m BS, 100m FC, 100m BC. Congratulations to the following for 2nd and 3rd places: Andrew Watson 100m BS, Emily Coe 200m FC, 100m FC, Jack Dickerson 50m BS, James Lawrence 100m BS, 100m BC, Katherine Nye 200m BC, 100m BC, Rachel Dickerson 100m FC, 100m BS, Rebecca Harvey 100m BF; Henry Matthews 50m BS, Jack Dickerson 50m BC, James May 100m BS, 100m FC, Katherine Nye 200m IM, Rebecca Harvey 100m BC, Sam Harvey 200m BC Once again, well done to the swimmers, parents and coaches.

Inter-County Nationals Finals - Ponds Forge 21/10/

Sunday 28th October 2007

Congratulations to Oliver Coe who gained his County Colours when selected to swim for Kent in the above event. He swam in the individual 100m breastroke event (setting a PB time and 10th position) and in the breastroke leg of the medley relay (10th position). Kent team achieved an overall 10th place ensuring they remain in the 1st division! Well Done!

Training Camp 2007 - Calella, Barcelona

Sunday 28th October 2007

We have all arrived back tired but safely from another successful training camp to Spain. Well done to all those that attended and thank you to Matt, Lisa & Sarah for your help and organisation. Training camp captains report to follow soon.

National Speedo League Div1 South East - Round 1 (

Sunday 14th October 2007

We had been given a tough draw for the first round competing with Chelmsford, Olympos Marlins, Croydon Amphibians A, Epsom and Southend on Sea. Four of these teams had finished above us in the league last year and historically we had come in 6th position in the round 1 for the past 3 years- it would need special swims from everyone to do well! And what a performance! 12 personal best performances from Emily Brown, Sophie Livett, Emily Davison, Rebecca Harvey, Oli Bates, James Lawrence, Katherine Nye, Ben Garwood, Katie Davis, Mike Bond, James May & Matt Steere. There were first places for Oliver Coe (100m Breast), Holly Lumm (100m Fly), Katherine Nye (100m Back) & Emily Coe (100m Breast). Everyones’ swimming and extraordinary team spirit delivered the best performance for the club in this round for 4 years, pushing Croydon close for 3rd! You all deserve a big pat on the back – Well done! Final Position; 1st Chelmsford, 2nd Olympos Marlins, 3rd Croydon Amphibians, 4th Orpington Ojays, 5th Southend on Sea, 6th Epsom

White Horse League, Round 6 - Downham Pool 6/10/07

Monday 8th October 2007

We hosted the final round of the league with ourselves as one of3 teams in a position to clinch the overall league title. It would be tough, though. On the night all swimmers performed beyond expectation achieveing 15 first places; Henry Choong (2), Oli Coe (3), Matt Perkins, Mike Bond, Oli Bates, Emily Coe, Boys 15U Free and Medley, Ladies Open Medley, Girls 15U Medley, Mens Open Free & Squadron relays. There were also 10 personal best times achieved from Emily Davison, Katie Coad, Henry Choong, Blake Lewis, Mike Bond (2), Clare Folkes, Oli Coe, James Lawrence & Alison Nye. In all the team performance resulted in a gala win on the night and 2nd overall in the league (not bad for our 1st year)! Well done to all swimmers (you have been fantastic) and thanks to all those that helped at the gala.

Barcelona Training Camp

Sunday 7th October 2007

There will be a short training camp meeting for Parents and swimmers at 7.45pm Monday 8th October, Parents will need to sign a code of conduct and fill in a medical form. Could you all also email me your passport numbers, date of birth, names exactly as they appear on your passports and nationalities as I need this information for the insurance. (sorry I know some of this information has been given before) I will also need final numbers, sizes and payment in full for the sweatshirts. (16.50) Thank you Sarah

Raffle Prizes

Friday 5th October 2007

We are hosting this Saturdays Gala at Downham. Does anyone have any raffle prizes to donate? Apologies if Sarah has already asked you this week. Please pass them to Simon or Sarah tonight or tomorrow at sat am training please thanks

Saturday 15th September Kent Junior League (Round

Tuesday 25th September 2007

We started this gala with a depleted team due to illness broken bones and other commitments. However, what was to follow was a great show of individual grit and determination along with a high level of team spirit. With half the team producing pb’s we were on for a very exciting final scoreline. With only a point in it with a few races to go our relay teams pulled through with our final squadron improving their time on last rounds performance by 6 seconds. Finishing in second place secured a 1 point lead for the Orpington Ojays and a very exciting prospect for the final round where we have a great chance of promotion. A huge thanks must go to all our officials including Nick Harvey our timekeeper and Sarah Davis our team manager along with the announcers, scorers and starters who all gave up their evening to watch a very successful evening. Thanks must also go to the parents who were very vocal and certainly pulled all of our swimmers along. Here’s to the next one……..

Congratulations Simon & Helen

Tuesday 25th September 2007

Congratulations to Simon Mullinger from Masters squad and Helen (ex-Masters squad) who got married at High Rocks, Tunbridge Wells at the weekend. Simon meet Helen many years ago when Helen joined the club and they got together at the nationals in Sheffield shortly afterwards. I'm sure everyone at the club wishes you all the happiness for your future together.

Summer Barbeque - Sun 9/9/07

Thursday 13th September 2007

A fun day was had by all that came to the club barbeque. We all got wet from the numerous water guns. We all made fools of ourselves in the sack and wheel-barrow races and the boys only just beat the girls in the rounders. The weather was fine and the burgers were tasty. Thanks to Sarah Davis and her family for organising the day & Steve May and Nick Harvey for cooking. (Photos are on-line under the Photo Gallery menu)

White Horse League, Round 5 - Sat 8/9/07

Thursday 13th September 2007

Orpington Ojays showed an improved team performance (upon the previous round) in the first gala of the season held at the brand new Downham Pool, hosted by Eltham Swimming Club. There were a number of excellent swims including 9 personal best times from Oliver Bates, Henry Choong, Blake Lewis, Ben Garwood, Sam Harvey (2), Mike Bond, Katie Coad, James Lawrence. There were also 12 first places for Henry Choong (2), Oliver Coe (2), Hazel Colbourne (2), Oliver Bates, Alise Cotton, Emily Coe, Boys 15U Freestyle relay, Girls 15U Medley relay & Squadron relay. Thanks to Louise Davison for standing in with 2 minutes to spare! The gala ended with Orpington Ojays position 2nd, only 6 points behind 1st place Beckenham. Well done everyone! (The results sheet is under the Results/2007/White Horse League menu)

Training Camp - Barcelona

Sunday 2nd September 2007

Just a reminder to everyone booked on the trip to Barcelona that the final payment of £200 is now due. Could you all bring this along to either Simon or myself asap please. I also need all passport numbers and names exactly as they appear on your passports please. We will be having a short meeting for parents and swimmers on Monday 10th Sept at 7.45pm in the small pool area at walnuts. Thank you

National Championships 2007

Sunday 5th August 2007

For the second year in a row Hazel Colbourne represented Orpington Ojays at the National Championships, held at the Ponds Forge pool, Sheffield. Hazel had achieved two qualification times for the event and had opted to compete in the 200m freestyle. The competition was stiff and there were many well known swimmers (eg. Melanie Marshall and Caitlin McClatchey )competing in the event. The atmosphere was exciting and Hazel competed well in her heat. Her time recorded was 2.11.17 which is the second best time she's achieved in a long course pool and resulting in 94th (out of 170) position. Well done, a great way to finish the 2006/7 season.

Congratulations to Lisa and Matt

Saturday 4th August 2007

Congratulations to Lisa and Matt who had a baby boy in the early hours of this morning (Sat) . He weighed 7lb 15. Well done!

Teamwork Gala 14th July 07, Whitgift School

Tuesday 31st July 2007

Orpington Ojays hosted the final trophy gala of the season, held at Whitgift School. Teams were provided by WhiteDarts, Leander, Redhill and Reigate and Edenbridge Piranha’s (who withdrew at the last minute). Orpington Ojays supplied two teams; team black and team purple. The evening saw many fine performances from swimmers of all ages culminating in 39 personal best times across both teams!!! (Jack Dickerson 2, Ellie Miller 2, Rebecca Harvey, James Lawrence 2 ,James May 2, Rachel Dickerson 2, Mike Bond, Katie Coad, Katie Davis, Emily Coe, Sophie Livett, Pheobe Cashman, Hazel Colbourne, Henry Matthews, Lotty Matthews 2, Nicole Cheetham, Matt Steere, Chloe Ashley, Joseph Gaster 2, Clare Folkes 2, Blake Lewis, Gina Charleton, James Briggs 2, Shanrui Lee, Jack Herbert 2, Joe Heaney, Elizabeth Bennet, Charlotte Harris, Jack Quinn.) Achieving 19 first placings (for Oliver Coe 2, Rebecca Harvey, Hazel Colbourne 2, Matt Perkins 2, Katie Coad, James May 2, Oli Bates, Emily Coe 2 , Sophie Livett, James Lawrence, 15/under Girls Medley, Open Ladies Medley, 15/under mixed frontcrawl, Mens frontcrawl ) Orpington Ojays Black team secured a 19point victory by the end of the evening. A great way to finish of the 2006/07 swimming season with a second piece of silver wear to add to our trophy cabinet this year! Well done to all swimmers in both teams that showed fantastic team spirit and enthusiasm throughout the evening. (some of those swimmers pictured below)

Fun Night - Monday 30th July

Thursday 26th July 2007

There will be a fun night on Monday 30th July from 6.30pm - 8pm at Walnuts. This replaces all normal training. Bronze, Silver,Gold, Platinum Senior and Junior, Black & purple and Top squad are invited to attend. Masters training is at the usual time .

Triathlon Long Distance World Championships

Monday 23rd July 2007

Harvey Perkins from Masters squad travelled to France on the 15 of this month to compete in the Triathlon Long Distance World Championships. This event consists of a 3km open water swim followed by a 80km bike ride (London to Brighton distance) and finishes with a 20km run (half marathon). Harvey finished an excellent 44th out of 70 starters in his age group, the 10th Brit out of 20) in a total time of 4 hours 52 mins!!! Harvey said "I love the swim start of a triathlon, we all lined up in deep water holding onto a pontoon, I started in the middle. My age group started with the 45-49 age group so there were about 150 at the start. I got away fast but because the standard is very high at the worlds the first lap (1500m) was rougth and I had to fight every inch of the way. At the end of the first lap we had to run up a ramp and then back onto the pontoon and dive in for second lap (so Helen all those dive starts came in handy after all). I finished the swim in just under 50 mins in 26th place, then a run to transition, and because transition was about 500m long it took me another 3 mins to get to my bike strip the wetsuit off grab bike and gear and run to start of bike. "I had a fast first 40km bike in 1 hour 5 mins but then had a mishap when starting the 2nd 40km lap - basically I dropped my 2nd carb/electrolite drink - so I had to go 20km without liquid before picking up an emergency water bottle. I finished the bike in 2 hours 12 mins now in 33rd place. "I grabbed another carb drink and started the 1/2 marathon run. My target time was 1 hour 30 mins (7 min per mile pace at 145 heart rate) but I knew I was in trouble straight away as my heart rate would not come down from 150 so I had to slow to a 8 min mile pace. It was hot and humid! It was annoying as others were passing me (especially if they were french or american) and there was nothing I could do about it. I finished the run in 1 hour 43 mins. Boy was I glad to see the finish line. "I had a great time, the atmosphere was superb, and I certainly learnt a lot about racing at longer distances for next time. I'm already looking forward to potentially doing my first ironman next summer.......... "My next major race is the sprint worlds in Hamburg end of Aug."

Jimmy Clubb Trophy Gala – Fairfield Pool, Dartford

Monday 16th July 2007

The pool may have been an odd shape, the sound system a poor quality and the other coach a bit late, but the evening couldn’t really have gone much better. A chance for our lesser known swimmers to show us who they are, and boy did they do it in style with 34 PB’s out of 38 events and a big thank you to Oli Coe, Alex Miller and Charlotte Harris for stepping in at the last minute (perfect backstroke!) PB’s – Blake Lewis, Rachel Dickerson, Ben Garwood, Holly Baronti, Jack Dickerson, Emily Davison, Oli Coe, Clare Folkes (2), Grace Williams, Henry Matthews (2), Elli Miller, Oli Bates (3), Helena Oakes, James May (2), Ellie Miller, Ben Garwood, Louise Davison, Sarah May, Sam Harvey, Charlotte Harris, James Lawrence, Nicole Cheetham (2), Shauna Hancock, Lotty Matthews, Nick Blackler Congratulations to the following for well-deserved 1st places - Rachel Dickerson, Emily Davison, Clare Folkes, James Lawrence, Oli Bates (2) and Nicole Cheetham. Also to our 14/u mixed medley team for 1st place But it’s not just about the swimming – Having to confirm that 100m was in fact 4 lengths of the pool to one swimmer, whilst another asking about I.M. turns and giving Gina a rather odd look for her arm waving in response. Also someone disappearing immediately before the penultimate relay events… Now let’s see more of the same at the Ojay’s gala this weekend… Final Results Dartford Blue (216) Whiteoak (204) Orpington Ojays (193) Gravesend & Northfleet (167) Rochester (127) Dartford White (79)

Kent Masters (11 Golds)

Tuesday 10th July 2007

Orpington Masters made their way to Black Lion's home pool in Gillingham to compete in the Masters Kents competition on Saturday 7th July. Once again the team came away with a haul of medals made up of 11 golds, 3 silvers and 3 bronzes. Alison Nye was once again on form collecting 5 of the 11 golds. Mark Hawkins and Richard Smith picked up two golds each and Gina Charleton and David Bagge both got 1 each. Thanks to Steve Morris coming in for the relays the boys managed to pick up a bronze in the 120yrs 100 Medley relay but missed out on a bronze by 2/100's of a second in the 120yrs 100m Freestyle relay. The results are under the menu on the left (Results/2007/Kent Masters) or on the link below.

Orpington Ojays Kent Masters Results

London Youth games

Friday 6th July 2007

Congratulations to Rebecca Harvey, James Briggs, Michael Bond and Oli Bates on helping Bromley win the London Youth games at Crystal Palace last weekend. Bromley (1064 pts) just pipped Havering (1058 pts) to win for the first time in 16 years. All team members and their parents are invited to attend a celebratory reception at Ravensbourne School on Wednesday 18th July. (If anyone has a picture for this article please email it to

European Triathlon Race

Wednesday 4th July 2007

Olympic distance - 1500m swim; 40km bike; 10k run. Harvey Perkins, from Masters Squad, entered the Europeam Triathlon at the weekend at swam then 1500m in 22mins, 17secs which includes the short run to transition. Harvey started in the middle of the front row as this is the shortest point to first buoy at 300m. He got away fast and out of trouble before the 1st buoy. His wave start was 40-49 year old men which is approximately 80 competitors. At half way he had settled in nicely behind another competitor and pulled past him in the last 100 metres. Harvey was 9th after the swim, 12th after the bike ride and 19th after the run. His total time for the triathlon was 2 hours 16 minutes. His 10km run time was 43 minutes. In Harvey's age group 32 competitors finished, 10 of whom were GBR. Well done Harvey and good luck in France next weekend.

White Horse League, Round 4 – Beckenham Spa 30/6/0

Tuesday 3rd July 2007

With a few key swimmers unavailable, Orpington Ojays competed in the 4th round of the White Horse League at Beckenham Spa. Despite this however there was still a strong team performance all round. 10 first places overall; Hazel Colbourne (2), Oliver Coe (2), Phil Kent, Katie Coad, Emily Coe, Mens Open Freestyle relay, Boys 15/U F/S relay & Ladies Open Medley relay team. Personal best times were achieved by; Joe Heaney, BenGarwood(2), Oliver Coe (3), Mike Bond (2), Blake Lewis, Phil Kent, Katie Davis, James Lawrence, Holly Lumm, Sophie Livett and Joseph Gaster. The evenings swimming culminated in a 3rd placing overall (just missing out on second place by 2 points!) Thanks to the swimmers who swam at short notice and parents that helped Well done to everyone!

Jack Petchey - June Award

Monday 2nd July 2007

Congratulations to Sam Harvey for winning this months Jack Petchey award, for dedication and his efforts in Galas. Sam is also a keen runner and cricketer. Sam is in Platinum squad, cross training with Top squad. he has also this year qualified andtaken part in the National Schools Biathlon. Well done Sam!

Kent Junior League (Round 1) 23/06/07

Friday 29th June 2007

On Saturday our younger swimmers turned up to The Beckenham Spa with a weakened team due to illness and other competition commitments. After starting half an hour late Orpington swimmers stepped up to the challenge and produced some unbelievable results. Even without the required number of swimmers in some events, resulting in no swimmers, Orpington managed to gain second place in a very exciting evening of racing. Our swimmers managed to gain twelve 1st places these included Girls and Boys 13/u Freestyle Relay teams, Katie Coad, James May, Oliver Coe (2), Sam Harvey, Alise Cotton, Louise Davison, Katie Davis, Girls 11/u Freestyle Relay and Boys 13/u Medley Relay. Along with these first places we managed to gain 14 Pb’s. Along with 9 new times a fantastic achievement considering there were only 32 individual events. A big thank you must go out to all swimmers called up at the last minute, your commitment to the club is very much appreciated. See you all next time  Gala Results 1st- GBM 208 2nd- OOJS 175 3rd- Edenbridge 173 4th- Ashford 161 5th- Maidstone 148 6th- Eltham Stingrays 122

White Horse League, Round 3 Saturday 16/7/07

Friday 29th June 2007

An exciting evening of racing was experienced as Orpington Ojays met up again with Bromley, Beckenham B, Erith, Eltham Stingrays and Whitedarts at Crook Log Pool for the 3rd round of the White Horse League. After a good result in the previous round hopes were high and again no-one disappointed with some fantastic swims all round. These included thirteen 1st places for Henry Choong (2), Oliver Coe (2), Oli Bates (2), Matt Perkins, Hazel Colbourne (2), Katie Coad and Emily Coe. 1st place relays included the Girls 15U Freestyle (Emily Coe, Sarah May, Rachel Dickerson & Rebecca Harvey), Boys 15U Freestyle (James Lawrence, Oliver Coe, Angelo Mitakos & Oli Bates), Ladies Open Medley (Hazel Colbourne, Emily Coe, Holly Lumm & Rebecca Harvey). Personal best times were achieved by Georgia Croft, Emily Davison, Oliver Coe, Henry Choong, Rebecca Harvey, James Lawrence, Callum Stoodley & Mike Bond. These perfomances culminated in gaining second place behind Beckenham. (with an improved points total) Well done to everyone! 1st Beckeham B – 231 2nd Orpington Ojays – 206 3rd Erith – 179 4th Whitedarts – 169 5th Eltham - 63

London Regional Champs (Bagcats)

Friday 15th June 2007

Sat 9th June Three swimmers represented Orpington Ojays on the final weekend of the championships. Henry Choong swam first on sat in 100m breaststroke (17th), followed by Oliver Coe and James Lawrence in the same event. James came 12th and Oliver qualified for the final (12 yrs). He repeated his previous success of the 200m breaststroke and finished first by an increased margin. The afternoon started with both girls and boys relay teams (10 -12 yrs), Katie Davis, Jessica Thomson, Lotty Matthews and Ellie Miller swam really well to come 12th in the 4 x 50 free relay and 13th in the. 4 x 50 medley relay. The boys team of Sam Harvey, Henry Choong, James May and Oliver Coe came 7th in both the freestyle and medley relays. Sun 10th June Again Henry, Oliver and James competed on the final day. All 3 competed in 100 back and 200 free. In the 100 back Oliver and James reached the finals , Henry was unlucky and was first reserve. James managed a 6th position and Oliver was 2nd. Next came the 200m free, they all swam well, James reached 14th, Oliver reached 9th (pb time) while Henry reached the final and came 2nd in a pb time. Olivers freestyle swim meant he picked up a trophy for 6th place in the overall Bagcats points. Well done to everyone who competed over both weekends, and let's look forward to more entries next year.

Jack Petchey Award (May)

Tuesday 12th June 2007

Congratulations to James Lawrence from Top Squad for being the third winner of the Jack Petchey Award.

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Friday 8th June 2007

A new feature has been developed for the Orpington Ojays website to provide driving instructions for your house to the pools that we go to for galas and training. Follow the link below, choose the pool you are interested in and then enter your post code and click the show route button. A map will be shown with the route highlighted and below the map will be driving instructions. The mapping technology is provided by Microsoft Virtual Earth.

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London BAGCAT Regional Championships 2/3 June

Thursday 7th June 2007

After success in the regional youth championships we were looking forward to our younger swimmers performing on the same stage. Saturday James Lawrence began his very busy weekend with a fine swim in the 100m freestyle, gaining 11th position. James was joined in the 200m backstroke event by Oliver Coe, both swimmers performed well and qualified for the final in their respective age groups. They both went one step further to both win bronze medals in the finals. At lunchtime the boys 4 x 100 medley relay (Blake Lewis, Angelo Mitakos, James Lawrence and Oli Coe) gained 7th position ,while the girls 4 x 100 freestyle team (Emily Davison, Adele Bolan, Katie Davis and Jessica Thomson) swam hard to achieve 15th position. Oliver Coe was the remaining swimmer to compete in the evening session, reaching the final of the 200m IM, where he swam a pb time and just missed out on a medal by coming 4th. Sunday Once again James Lawrence started the day well with a pb swim in the 100m butterfly (11th). At lunchtime the boys 4 x 100m freestyle team (Blake , Angelo, James and Joe Heaney) swam well achieving 8th position, and the same team managed to surpass this with a 5th position in the 4 x 200m freestyle relay. The girls team of Emily, Katie, Jessica and Ellie Miller managed an 11th position in the 4 x 100m medley relay. To complete the first weekend of these championships, Oli and James competed in the 200m breaststroke event. James finished in a credible 11th (although exhausted) place while Oliver qualified for the final , leaving his best performance to last. In a nail biting final he won the 200m breaststroke by 0.12 seconds. This is his most successful achievement in his swimming career so far, and Orpington Ojays first win in the combined London championships this year. Well done to all who competed.

Eastbourne Open Meet

Monday 4th June 2007

Sunday afternoon and the competitive masters who weren’t working, on holiday or “retired” from competition came back with 6 gold’s, 7 silver’s, 1 bronze and 3pb’s! Oh and there were only 3 of them. Richard kicked off the afternoon with a superb swim in the 100m fly, followed by silver in the 50m FC, gold in the 100m FC and silver in the 50m fly. Gina was up next in the 50m BC with a silver + pb, a bronze in the I.M, then a long awaited 2sec pb in the 100m FC to bring home a gold medal. Oh and there was a silver in the 100m BC + another pb. Our resident British Record Holder Alison had some superb swims herself to bring home her usual high tally of metal - 4 gold’s and 1 silver. Although we were disappointed she didn’t go all out for a European record in the 50m BS, maybe at the Kent’s next month. The low point of the day was having entered a relay team for a medley and a free relay, we had only 3 swimmers turn up, despite interest from Mr Morris. After numerous minutes spent grovelling to old clubmates, we gained an extra and rearranged our order, sadly we only managed 5th place. After more grovelling and begging, we upgraded to a much younger extra member for the free relay and came in 2nd! Congratulations to everyone, see you + some more masters at the Kent’s next month.

Margate Open

Monday 4th June 2007

A somewhat depleted group of OOSC swimmers arrived at the Kingsmead Leisure Centre in Canterbury for the temporary home of this annual fixture. Good news for future entrants to the Margate Open - the pool in Margate was unavailable today because of the installation of an air conditioning system! Anyway, in swimming terms, quality more than made up for the lack of quantity, with pb's from every swimmer involved and finalists in several races and some near misses in many others. Holly Baronti must have qualified as the OOSC swimmer of the day, with two fine performances in the morning events of Backstroke and Freestyle, earning her 8th place out of 27 and 10th place out of 30 respectively, both in pb times. She then followed this up with a first reserve spot for the final of the 50m Breaststroke, having swum a massive 8 second pb to get there. James May swam consistently well to make the final of the Breaststroke in the morning,gaining 6th place and a further final in the afternoon (freestyle), this time taking 5th place. Jack Dickerson swam a pb in every race he entered and was rewarded with a 1st reserve spot for the 50m Free and a 2nd reserve for the Breaststroke. Probably his greatest reward, however, was reducing his time in the 50m Free from 46.65 to 34.28! A truly memorable performance. Clare Folkes won a place in the final of the 50m Free and Fly, coming 6th and 5th respectively and gained 1st reserve places in the Back and Breaststroke events. Also pleasing for Clare was the fact that she too finally broke the 33sec barrier in 50m Free where she has been stuck for so long now! Phoebe Cashman finished off a very consistent day's swimming with a good 2 sec pb in her 50m Free event, rounding off a really satisfactory day's swimming from all those who were there. It was a long day and the younger swimmers in particular did well to stay focused and turn in such good performances throughout. This was a good learning curve and I would urge younger swimmers to get involved in this gala next year - assuming it doesn't clash with the London's again!!

Oliver May Trophy Gala - Sat 18/5/07

Tuesday 22nd May 2007

Orpington Ojays travelled to Maidstone as current holders of the Oliver May Trophy so our expectations were high. Could we achieve consecutive year on year victories? Other clubs competing were Maidstone, Eltham Stingrays, Hythe Aqua and Larkfield. The Gala got off to a flying start for us with a win in the 1st event which was the breaststroke squadron relay, we won this event by 4 seconds. This was the beginning of many wins in total (20 events out of 51) in individual a relay events. Individual wins were achieved by the following; Gemma Leggett, Emily Davison, James Lawrence (2), Holly Lumm, Blake Lewis, Mike Bond, Emily Coe(2), Oliver Coe and Hazel Colbourne (2). However the first points summary showed that the early competition was close. Everyone combined throughout the evening to create a very impressive team result and personal best times were achieved in 16 individual events; Katie Coad, Oliver Coe, Mike Bond, Emily Coe, Lotty Matthews, Rachel Dickerson, Jack Dickerson, Emily Davison (2), Clare Folkes (2), James May, James Lawrence and Gemma Leggett. (Special thanks to Henry Matthews and Benjamin Coe for changing into their costumes and swimming for the team with approx. 30sec notice!). Final points reflected this performance and overall 23 point victory. 1st Orpington Ojays 109 2nd Eltham Stingrays 132 3rd Maidstone 135 4th Hythe Aqua 167 5th Larkfield 223

London Region Youth Championships 5th-7th May 2007

Tuesday 8th May 2007

The Championships took place at Crystal Palace this weekend. We took 14 swimmers who swam in 34 events in total. The competition was intense as all of the large top London clubs attended the event, although it was disappointing not to see many entries from relatively smaller clubs such as ourselves. We achieved very good and promising results and all swimmers competed well in all the events entered. The event was held over three days and the finalists results are as follows. Day 1 saw Oliver Bates gain a pb in the 50m bc and an 8th position (32.58). Katherine Nye gained a 4th position in the 50m bc (34.06). Emily Coe received a bronze medal for her performance in the 200m bs in a pb of 2.51.11. Day 2 and finalists included Emily Coe 3rd in the 100m bs (1.20.64), Rebecca Harvey 6th in the 50m bf in a pb of 32.69, Gemma Leggett 7th in a pb of 33.22 in the 50m bf. Holly Lumm achieved a 7th in the 100m bs (1.24.08 ) and an 8th position in the 50m bf in a pb of 32.50. Hazel Colbourne came 2nd in the 400 IM in a time of 5.09.96 to pick up a silver medal. On the third and final day Katherine Nye came 4th in the 400m fc (4.51.06), and 7th in the 50m bs (39.29). James Briggs came 8th in the 50m bs (36.93), Emily Coe came 4th in the 50m bs (37.18)and 6th in the 400m fc ( 4.50.60). Hazel Colbourne came 4th in the 100m fc. Well done to all those mentioned above and all those who competed (Alise Cotton, Clare Folkes, Mike Bond, Laura O'Connell) but particularly to Katherine Nye, Gemma Leggett and Emily Coe who all competed in a number of events every day as well as relay events. These achieved 8th (4X100m FC), 7th (4X100m Medlay) and 6th (4X200m FC)

White Horse League Gala (Round 2 ) 21/04/07

Tuesday 24th April 2007

We competed for the first time in the White Horse League at Trinity. The League is made up of six clubs, Bromley, Erith, Eltham, Beckenham (B) and Whitedarts. The recent vacant position for the sixth club was offered to Orpington Ojays but unfortunately this was to late to compete in round 1 . However we made up for it on Saturday evening, with a fantastic and unexpected second place. First places were gained by Henry Choong, Hazel Colbourne (2), Mike Bond, Oliver Coe , Katherine Nye, Oliver Bates, Georgia Croft, Alise Cotton, Emily Coe and there were three relay teams which gained first places, they were the boys 15u freestyle relay, ladies open freestyle relay and the mixed squadron. Seventeen pbs were achieved by the following swimmers, Sophie Livett, Emily Davison, Oli Coe, Hazel Colbourne, Mike Bond (2), Katie Coad, Henry Choong, Alise Cotton, James Lawrence, Katherine Nye, Ben Garwood, Katie Davis, Sam Harvey (2), Georgia Croft and James Briggs. Special thanks go to three swimmers for standing in at short notice, Joe Heaney, Louise Davison and Benjamin Coe (our 2 youngest swimmers) Overall great individual and team performances!! Round 3 is on 16th June. Let`s look forward to another success.

Orpington Ojays Open Meet – Black Lion 15th April

Monday 23rd April 2007

A very successful day was had by many swimmers from a number of clubs from many counties. Orpington Ojays had a total of 30 swimmers, across all age-groups, entered on the day. There were a number of positive performances and a large number of younger swimmers gained experience of an Open event, pb`s were plentiful. 15 swimmers gained one or more finalist places these included Nicole Cheetham, Katie Coad, Emily Coe, Alise Cotton, Katie Davis, Rebecca Harvey, Holly Lumm, Grace Williams, Oli Bates, Oli Coe, Sam Harvey, Joe Heaney, Phil Kent , James Lawrence and Simon Mullinger. Of the above the following gained first places Rebecca Harvey, Oliver Bates, Oli Coe (2) , Phil Kent (2) and James Lawrence . The results culminated in Orpington Ojays attaining second best club performance overall. A great day was had by all, with exciting swimming and fine weather to sit outside for lunch. Well done everybody and let’s look forward to next years Open.

Jack Petchey Award

Thursday 12th April 2007

Congratulations to Emily Coe for winning the Jack Petchey Award for March. More information can be found on the new pages of this site.

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Bexley SC Long Course Open 31/3-1/4/07

Monday 2nd April 2007

10 swimmers represented Orpington Ojays over the weekend. The first day swimmers had to brave illness and freezing cold conditions to compete. However all swimmers put in 100%. Medallists from the weekend included Hazel Colbourne (2nd 200m FC) and Oliver Coe (1st 100m BC, 3rd 200m BS & 100m BS). Hazel’s swim time was about 2 seconds inside the national qualification standard enabling her to compete in this year’s National Swimming Championships – Well done Hazel. Rachel Dickerson and Katie Coad achieved personal best times in their events. Invaluable experience of “Long Course” (50m pool) competition was gained by all. Some of these swimmers had never competed in a 50m pool previously! Well done to the following who competed; Emily Coe, Hazel Colbourne, Jack Quinn, James Briggs, Katie Coad, Nicholas Blackler, Nicole Cheetham, Oliver Coe, Rachel Dickerson and Rebecca Harvey.

Alison moves mountains at K2

Tuesday 27th March 2007

The Masters squad were out in force at the K2 South East Region Championships this weekend. A haul of medals ensued but the weekend honours go to Alison Nye for smashing the British Long Course Record for 50M Breaststroke, in her age group, by over a second. Alison is now setting her sights on the European and even World Record for the same event this year. This Gold was one of two individual Golds picked up by Alison whilst a total of five individual Golds were won by the squad overall. Karen showed that all that Fly training has reaped rewards with individual Golds in the 100 and 200 whilst also picking up a Bronze in the 50 Fly. Richard continued that vein of Masters Fly form with a Gold in the 100 and Mark (who doesn't like to compete at more than a length) won Gold in the 50 Fly for his age group. Mark and Richard also took Silver and Bronze respectively in the 100 Free. Gina, who swam the most events of the weekend (and aggregated the distance covered in a small training session) won Bronze in the 100 Backstroke and had two well deserved 4th places in the 100 Free and 100 Breaststroke. Alison (in addition to her two individual Golds) won a Silver in the 100 Free and 2 Bronze medals in the 100 Breaststroke and 50 Fly. Dave Bagge, who has recently joined Ojays from Spencer opened his account with a Bronze in the 50m Backstroke. If individual performances were not enough to boast about, the mixed relay team won Silver in the Free and Medley 4 X 50's. All in all, a pretty successful visit to Crawley and congratulations once again to Alison on her British Record. Next week Europe, next month the World................

Kent Championships Report (final weekend)

Sunday 11th March 2007

The final weekend of the Kent County Championships at Black Lion started with yet another victory for Hazel Colbourne. Hazel came first in her age group in the 400 IM (with an event best time). Alise Cotton came 3rd in the 200 metres freestyle in a pb time. Nicole Cheetham came 4th in the 50m breaststroke (15 yr s). Emily Coe came 5th in the 50m breaststroke (14yrs). Orpington Ojays had several entrants in the 200m backstroke they were Henry Choong, Sam Harvey , James Lawrence and Oliver Coe. James Lawrence came 5th with a 4 sec pb. Two more wins followed for Henry and Oliver. Henry Choong set the event best time for 9 yr olds. Oliver came 1st with a 15 second pb time. The afternoon session started with swimmers in the 100m breaststroke, James Lawrence and Oliver Coe swam pb times and Oliver once again came first. Emily Coe swam in 100m breaststroke and achieved 5th position. Matt Steere and James Lawrence swam in 400m freestyle both achieving large pbs, Matt gaining 3rd position. The final sessions on Sunday commenced with Matt Steere achieving 2nd position in the 200m butterfly, with a pb. Katie Coad swam well and also achieved a 5 sec pb (200m breaststroke). In the 50m backstroke Oliver Bates swam a pb and came 6th, Mike Bond and Phil Kent also managed pbs, whilst Phil achieved a 3rd place in his age group. Three swimmers competed in the girls 200m freestyle, Emily Coe and Gemma Leggett achieving pbs, Hazel Colbourne winning her age group in an event best performance time. The afternoon started with Hazel continuing with her success, with another first position in an event best performance time in the 200m butterfly. This was followed by the boys 200m IM, with Henry Choong, Oliver Coe and James Lawrence taking part. Henry achieved another 1st place with another event best performance time, Oliver came 6th with a pb, James also swam a pb time. The Mens 100m freestyle meant Oli Bates and Mike Bond got pbs as did Gemma Leggett in the Ladies 50m freestyle. Hazel Colbourne also achieved a second place in the 50m freestyle. Henry Choong finished his Kents with one more pb and 6th position in the 50m butterfly. Henrys performance throughout these championships earned him the highest bagcat points in his age group and he was presented with a trophy by Jean Scott (ASA President) Orpington Ojays have achieved fabulous results over the past month. We have seen the dedication and training commitment of all our swimmers pay off with so many pbs, finals, event best times, and first places. There have been three outstanding swimmers throughout the championships Henry Choong, Oliver Coe and Hazel Colbourne. These three have consistently continued to win multiple events over each weekend of the championships. The biggest achievement however is the performance of Orpington Ojays as a team. The support given to all your peers was phenomenal, this obviously contributed to our success as a club. At midway through Sunday’s session, the Top Teams list was updated and Orpington Ojays girl’s team were in 8th position, the boy’s team were in 9th position. I am fairly confident that is going to be an indication of the final result. Well done to everyone, I am proud to now say we are one of the top ten teams in Kent!

Kent County Champs - 3/4 March Crystal Palace

Sunday 4th March 2007

Day 1 This weekend we were at Crystal Palace for the relay team events ,1500m and 800m. To kick off, the 800m was the first event, with an excellent swim by Alise Cotton, she achieved a 3rd place in the 12u age group. The heats for the relays that morning resulted in Orpington Ojays making the finals in the following events: Women’s Open 400m freestyle team 3rd 13/14 Boys 200m freestyle team 6th 15/16 Girls 200m freestyle team 7th 12u Boys 200m freestyle team 5th Girls junior 200m freestyle team 7th Mens Open 400m Medley team 7th The afternoon began with 1500m. Matt Steere achieved 2nd in 17/18 year age group. Afternoon heats resulted in final places for the following teams: Ladies Open 400m Medley team 4th Girls 13/14 200m freestyle 7th Boys 13/14 200m Medley team 6th Girls 15/16 200m Medley team 8th Girls 12u 200m freestyle team 7th Boys 12u 200m Medley team 5th Mens Open 400m freestyle team 8th We entered a total of 18 relay events and of these 13 qualified and swam in finals. The team spirit was fantastic and everybody swam to their best ability. It was a great achievement to have so many Orpington Ojays swimmers taking part in the relays, let alone making the finals. Well done to everyone! Day 2 Tunbridge Wells hosted the next two sessions, and our success continued. Henry Choong continued his phenomenal recent successes, with yet another first place and an event best performance in the 50m backstroke. The morning also saw final placings for Hazel Colbourne placed first in the 17/18 100m backstroke. Oliver Coe 2nd in the 12yrs 50m backstroke and Alise Cotton took 4th in the 12years 100m freestyle. Phil Kent was 6th in the 17/18 years 50m butterfly. Pb`s were achieved by the following swimmers Henry Choong, Oliver Coe, Emily Coe and Rebecca Harvey. The pm session started with Hazel Colbourne again victorious in the 17/18 100m freestyle and the 200 IM. Other finalists included Alise Cotton 3rd in the 12 years 50m freestyle and Oliver Bates achieved 4th in the 15 years 200m backstroke. P.b`s were achieved by the following swimmers Georgia Croft , Alise Cotton, Oli Bates and Angelo Mitakos. There are so many achievements covering the whole weekend, they are difficult to list here, but everybody deserves a big pat on the back! Well done to everyone who took part!

Novices Challenge Gala (Sunday 25th Feb 07)

Thursday 1st March 2007

Sunday saw Orpington Ojays hold the annual Novices Challenge Gala at the Walnuts. This gala is aimed at swimmers of 12 years or less that have yet to achieve a top 3 placing in an Open event or County Championship. A number of local swimming clubs and some from further a field supported the event providing a competitive and exciting days swimming. Orpington Ojays were represented by over 30 swimmers many of whom had never swum in a competitive event previously. This included four 9yrs and under relay teams. All swimmers performed well and supported their fellow club members in full voice. 5 first places were awarded to Lotty Matthews (12yrs Breaststroke), Henry Choong (10yrs Butterfly & Backstroke) and Orpington Ojays “Black” Boys Relay Team (James May, Henry Choong, Ben Garwood & Jack Dickerson) for the Freestyle and Medley relays. Finalists on the day were Chloe Saville (2nd 11yrs BS), Emily Morgan (2nd 10yrs BS), Girls “Black” Relay (FC 2nd , Medley 3rd), Katie Coad (3rd 11yrs BC, 4th BF, 5th FC), Louise Davidson (3rd 10yrs BC), Jack Dickerson (3rd 12yrs BS & BC, 5th BF), James May (4th 12yrs BC), Boys 12Uyrs “Purple” Relay (4th FC, 6th Medley), Girls “White” Relay (FC 5th),Holly Baronti (6th 10yrs FC, 5th BS), Helen Phillips (6th 11yrs BC), Ben Garwood (6th 11yrs FC & BS). Well done to everyone including all the 9u relay teams most of whom were swimming in their first galas for Orpington Ojays. Thank you to Janet Leggett for organising a very well run event, parents that volunteered in various roles, and the following senior swimmers James Briggs, James Lawrence, Oli Bates, Katherine Nye, Emily Coe, Clare Folkes, Gemma Leggett, Emily Davison, Saray May, Suzie Baverstock and Angelo Mitakos. All of which helped to make the day a success.

Kent Championships (Weekend 1 – 17/18th Feb 2007)

Sunday 18th February 2007

Day 1 Here we are at the Kent County Championships and what a great start to the Championships Orpington Ojays are having. 16 swimmers in total competed over the weekend. Oliver Bates started the ball rolling with more than a 2 second personal best (PB) (1st of 2) time in the 200m freestyle. PB’s were also achieved by Alise Cotton, Rebecca Harvey, Hazel Colbourne , Oliver Coe(2), James Lawrence & Henry Choong. Three swimmers were victorious in their age groups. Henry Choong won the 50m freestyle in an event best time. Hazel Colbourne won the 100m butterfly in a PB time and Oliver Coe achieved 1st place in the 200m breaststroke with a 13 second PB. Alise Cotton achieved 3rd place (400m FC), Emily Coe (200m BS) and James Lawrence (200m BS) achieved 4th places, Mike Bond 5th (50m FC). What a great start for Orpington Ojays to the championships! Day 2 Swimmers today had a lot to live up to following on from yesterdays fantastic results. Proceedings started with the 400m freestyle event and a 6th place for Emily Coe in a PB (1st of 2) time! Pb’s were also achieved by Henry Choong (2), James Lawrence (3), Rebecca Harvey (2), Oliver Coe (3), Matthew Steere & James Briggs. Yet again the same three swimmers that were victorious yesterday achieved first places again. Today , however they all managed two first places each! Henry Choong won the 200m freestyle and 100m individual medley both in PB and event best times! Oliver Coe won the 50m breaststroke and 100m backstroke as well as finishing second in the 100m individual medley all as PB’s. Hazel Colbourne won the 50m and 200m backstroke events with a PB in the latter. James Lawrence achieved 3rd place (50m BS), Katherine Nye 4th (50m BC), Matthew Steere 6th (200m IM). Overall Orpington Ojays swimmers achieved 9 first places, 1 second, 2 thirds, 3 fourths, 1 fifth and 2 sixths. 24 personal best times were achieved and not forgetting 3 event best performance times by Henry Choong. Well done and congratulations to you all particularly Hazel, Henry and Oliver. Let’s all look forward to the next round in two weeks!

Click here for results (PDF)

Race Night (Sunday 4th Feb 07)

Friday 16th February 2007

An exciting afternoon was had by all as swimmers up to the age of 12 from tadpoles, bronze, silver and gold squads competed in the first Race Night of 2007. Race nights are held approximately every 3 months to enable swimmers to improve upon their personal best times and gain experience of competing against other swimmers to ASA rules. Ribbons are awarded to swimmers placed in the first 6 places in each age group and were presented by Simon Coe (Head Coach) on Club Night (Mon 5th). Some of which are pictured.

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Brighton Open Meet

Tuesday 23rd January 2007

Well done to one of our platinum swimmers Henry Choong who attended the above Open Meet recently. Henry gained 6th place in the boys 9/10 yrs 100m backstroke in a time of 1.26.47 and also 5th place in 9/10 yrs boys 200m back in a time of 3.02.94.

Canterbury Icebreaker Open Meet

Monday 8th January 2007

A successful weekend was had by all swimmers that attended this year's Icebreaker Open Meet at Canterbury (5-7th Jan). This prestigious event held every year is of a continual high standard. Those who take part are aiming to achieve County, Regional and National times. Acceptance into the event is by no means easy! Twelve swimmers from Orpington were accepted for 41 swims. A large number of personal best times (Alise Cotton with 5!) and finalist placings were achieved , all of which were richly deserved by a group of swimmers that have all worked very hard in training to achieve improvements in their technique and speed. Finalists included:- Sam Harvey 2nd 200m Backstroke Hazel Colbourne 2nd 400m Freestyle Emily Coe 3rd 100m & 5th 200m Breaststroke Oliver Coe 3rd 100m Breaststroke James Lawrence 5th 100m Breaststroke Nicole Cheetham 5th 100m Breaststroke Katherine Nye 5th 100m Butterfly Well done to everyone, including Henry Choong who achieved a 2nd place medal in the 9 yr age group (200m freestyle 9 -11 yrs)