Kent Development Meet

Mon 15/Oct/2018

The accepted entries are now up. The Warmup times are at 09:00 and 13:00 each day. DE Photos are attending to sell action photos, please let Lorraine know before the start of any session if any swimmer doesn't wish to have a racing photo. You only buy if you like them

Kent County Championships 2019

Mon 01/Oct/2018

This year will see all the individual events held at Crystal Palace. The Team Championships will be held in the other corner of Kent at Dover's brand new pool on March 17th (outside the Window). The key changes that have been made are: 200/150IM moved to Day 2. 800/1500 will be swum as mixed on the same day. Open finals have gone. The poolside pass criteria has been amended to reflect current requirements Note for the new 800/1500 events - there are only consideration times, its new to the swimmers and the organisers, so they are keeping a degree of flexibility. The 1st three of the "new" gender will be selected, the balance of entries being from the next fastest from both genders. Both events will swim on the same day, so they expect swimmers will choose one or the other, rather than swim both. More information will be released in the next few weeks along with the full entry pack