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Karen Bennett
The Chairperson of a club is seen to be a figure head, ambassador and a principal officer for a club. A Chairperson will chair and lead meetings within the club, and be responsible for key decision making and leadership within the club, in consultation with other committee members. (NB. In some clubs, a President may also fulfill some of the above duties) • To provide direction for the club by effective leadership and management • To chair and control meetings of the management committee • To act as principal officer within the club, and make decisions whenever the need arises, in consultation with other officers when appropriate • To represent the club at external meetings when required • To be involved, where appropriate, in the co-ordination of club activities • To manage and oversee the work of officers and other club personnel • To present the club’s annual report, in association with the club secretary • To present the club’s annual accounts, in association with the club treasurer • To determine the content and agenda for club meetings, in association with club secretary • To ensure that club statutory documents and other returns are administered and filed on time • To advise the treasurer on the use and investment of club funds
Championship Secretary
Receives entries from individual swimmers for Club events such as the Novices’ Challenge gala and the Open meet. Also receives entries for events run by other clubs, and County and Regional Championships. Receives entries for Club Championships. Lists entries and forwards them as appropriate. Passes entry fees to the Treasurer.
Club Secretary
Fran Sellar
The Secretary of a club provides the central point of administration, information and communication. It is the Secretary who initially deals with all correspondence and communications, and is a key person to the smooth running of a club. The Secretary is also a link between members, potential members and external organisations e.g. pool operators, local authorities, and the ASA Regions. The club Secretary should report to the club Chairperson. • To act as a main point of contact for the club, maintain records and information in relation to queries, all administration and communications including competition events, affiliations, subscriptions, memberships, bookings, training of volunteers and mailings. • To deal with the day to day running of the club including all correspondence (both internally and externally) • To process and deliver appropriate correspondence and information to and from County, Region and National ASA • To organise committee meetings and AGMs, preparing agendas, taking minutes, and distributing and communicating these as appropriate • To liaise with other club committee members to ensure all appropriate administration is in place • To represent the club at meetings • To have a knowledge and understanding of roles and responsibilities of other club committee members • To maintain up to date contact details of all members, committee members, other key club personnel and ASA secretaries at national, regional and county level
Fixtures Secretary
Steve May
Compiles the fixture list and swimming calendar for the Club. Assists in planning the Club’s home galas. Considers invitations from other clubs to inter-club galas, and makes recommendations on participation to Head Coach. Acts as liaison for and facilitates the Club’s participation in Speedo, White Horse and Kent Junior leagues. Organises Club Race Nights.
Gala Manager
Sarah Cyvetan
Facilitates the smooth running of the Club’s home events by organising the availability of equipment, paperwork and material supplies. Enlists others to help with such tasks as announcing, recording of results, catering, etc. Deals with ‘on-the-day’ problems as they arise. Liaises with Chairman and other Committee members to ensure that other tasks have been covered.
Gala Managers Assistant
To assist the gala manager with that positions duties when needed.
Head Coach
Sergio Catania
Qualifications: The club coach will normally hold an ASA Club Coach Certificate. Skills Required: • Ability to motivate swimmers and volunteers • Show an appropriate level of technical knowledge • Good time management, ability to use time efficiently and effectively Main Duties • Develop and update with the help of the coaches a rolling 12 month forward training programme for all of the squads. • Allocate water time to the squads after consultation with the club committee. • Allocate swimmers to squads after consultation with the club committee. • Deliver the clubs coaching programme in conjunction with supporting teaching and coaching team. • All coaches should be encouraged to obtain ASA qualification. • Attend all appropriate competitions. • Ensure that training schedules are prepared for the squads. • Attend to other such general duties associated with the post of Club Coach. • Be aware and understand the facility Emergency Action Plan and Normal Operating Procedures (EAP & NOP) • To follow and promote the ASA Child Protection policy.
Head Teacher
Co-ordinate the teaching programme utilising the ASA National Plan for Teaching Swimming. To encourage all teachers to obtain ASA Teachers Certificates as a basic qualification. To ensure that there is adequate provision for the teaching programme. To control the ratio of pupils to teachers. To be aware and understand the facilities Emergency Action Plan and Normal Operating Procedures. To follow and promote the ASA Child Protection policy.
Jack Petchey Co-ordinator
Karen Bennett
Masters’ Secretary
Gina Charleton
To represent and promote the Masters section of the club.
Membership Secretary
Maintains an up-to-date list of the Club’s members, including their squads. Reviews the membership with the Treasurer to set squad fees.
Open Secretary
Fran Sellar
Liaises with the ASA London Region’s Licencing Officer to secure the licence for the Open meet. Acts as Promoter for the event, ensuring the meet is advertised, other clubs are invited, and entries are received and processed. Liaises with the Chairman, Treasurer and other Committee members to review organisational aspects.
Pool Bookings Secretary
Nick Harvey
Books pool time for training sessions with the management of the pool facilities that the Club uses (currently the Walnuts, the Sennocke Centre at Sevenoaks School and the Eric Liddell Centre at Eltham College). Also arranged the booking of training at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre before its closure for refurbishment.
Publicity Secretary
A marketing/promotions and press officer provides a central point for the club to lead and promote it’s activities, ideally to either increase membership, increase income and/or improve the club’s image. This includes taking responsibility for the marketing plan within a club, liaison with local media, and raising the profile of the club within the community. The Club Marketing/Promotions and Press Officer should report into the club Chairperson. • Develop a marketing and promotions plan for the club in association with the club’s strategic plan • Secure a budget for the club’s marketing/promotions and press activities, in association with the club treasurer • Provide the clubs website administrator with content • Promote and publicise all aspects of the club, in a positive and equitable way through the production of informative and unbiased newsletters, website updates and regular media releases • Report on club events (internally and externally) • Assist in promoting non-swimming social events for the relevant members of the club as requested/approved by the management committee • Create and nurture relationships with media local to the club
Social Secretary
Mandy Baronti
Organises the Club’s social events, such as the summer barbeque and the disco at which the Club Championships trophies and other awards are presented.
Sponsorship Secretary
Karen Bennett
Sue Hancock
Monitors and runs the Club’s bank accounts, which receive monies from membership subscriptions and various other sources. Arranges the payment of invoices or bills received by the Club for pool hire, coaches’ fees, etc. Presents financial statements to the monthly Committee meetings. Discusses squad fees with the Membership Secretary and other Committee members, and makes recommendations for budgets. Provides annual accounts, which have been scrutinised by an independent ‘examiner’, to the AGM of the Club.
Trophies Secretary
Bernice Napier
Procures badges/awards from the ASA for Race Nights, etc. Orders medals/trophies for the Club Championships, Novices’ Challenge Gala and the Open meet. Arranges the awards for presentation.
Vice Chairman
Sandra Miles
To take over the duties of the chairman if the chairman is absent for any reason.
Welfare Officer
Linda Minter
The main purpose of the role is to assist with the safeguarding and protecting of children and young people in aquatics, and to implement the ASA Wave power policy and procedures. In doing so, the person undertaking the role of a Welfare Officer should have an understanding of child protection, and how best practice and the use of the criminal record bureau (CRB) checks can help prevent child abuse. • Assist the club to put in place the ASA Wave power policy and procedures. • Assist the club to put in place implementation plans for child protection. • Be the first point of contact for club staff and volunteers, young people and parents for any issue concerning child welfare, poor practice or potential/alleged abuse. • Ensure that all incidents are correctly reported and referred out in accordance with the Wave power guidance guidelines. • Ensure that all relevant club members, volunteers and staff have a CRB check and the opportunity to access appropriate child protection training. • Ensure that ASA Wave power procedures for recruitment of staff and volunteers are followed • Ensure all appropriate staff or volunteers have up to date criminal records disclosures/self disclosures. • Be aware of and have a note of contact details of the local Social Services, the Police and NGB ICPO. • Ensure that codes of conduct are in place for club staff, volunteers, coaches, competitors and parents. • Sit on the Club Management Committee to advise on child protection issues or be in attendance as necessary. • Ensure confidentiality is maintained and information is only shared on a ‘’need to know’’ basis.