Winter Champs

Sat 09/Sep/2017

The Meet Manager/Promoter for this event is Nick Hallam A swimmer's age shall be determined as at midnight on December 31st 2017. Qualifying entry times must have been achieved on or subsequent to October 12th 2016. Masters times, registered with the Swim England Rankings database, which meet/exceed the published qualifying times and conditions, will be accepted. Competitors seeking to enter using these times should do so using the manual Individual Entry Form. IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE MEET CONDITIONS, WITHDRAWALS MUST BE SUBMITTED ONLINE (EMAIL) TO THE MEET MANAGER BY 10AM ON THE DAY BEFORE THE START OF THIS COMPETITION OR ELSE MUST BE COMPLETED POOLSIDE AND SUBMITTED NO LATER THAN THE PUBLISHED TIMES FOR EACH SESSION


Wed 18/Oct/2017

Please remember that Tadpoles is not on during half term; from Sunday 22nd until Saturday 28th. There is no swimming on these dates or the dates in-between.

Barcelona Departure

Sun 15/Oct/2017

A few things to note before we leave on Saturday. We need to leave The Walnuts at 08:30 so please aim to arrive at 07:45. This should allow enough time to get 20 suitcases aboard, around 17 group photos to be taken, goodbyes to be said, passports to be checked as you get on the coach etc. The gate at Gatwick closes at 10:30 and we need to get luggage sorted, security passed and snacks purchased for the flight once we arrive. Also, I have one microfibre towel in the club shop if anyone would like to buy it. It is £15, in club colours and is 160cmx80cm.

Kent County Championships 2018

Tue 12/Sep/2017

Here are the qualifying times for the Kent County Championships next year. Please check out the competition menu for dates, times and venues. Good luck swimmers

Kent Development Meet 2017

Sat 09/Sep/2017

For those that missed it last year, the county had some major changes to the format last year, which we were very successful. The only major change is changing to Age at year end rather than end of meet. Their aim is to encourage more entrants, and give more swimmers a chance to win a Kent Medal. As the title says it is a development meet, so county qualifiers can't enter swims for which they have obtained a championship's 2017 consideration time. Note they can enter events that they have not achieved times for. Also we have added a points table to enable selection for the Kent Development Camp in 2018. (See conditions for full details). To help spread entries swimmers can enter a maximum of 6 events. There are also relay events for 2 age groups, with mixed and individual gender events. Note the conditions that restrict entries by Kent championships qualifiers to strokes they haven't qualified for.

A report shows how swimming can benefit learning

Wed 18/Oct/2017

A new report published today reveals that swimming training can increase a young person’s ability to concentrate and learn at school and help to improve exam results. The report ‘Are Adolescent Competitive Swimmers Cleverer? has been written by Professor Ian Cumming, Chief Executive, Health Education England and Chairman of Swim England’s Swimming and Health Commission, and Karl New, Sport, Health and Exercise Science academic from the University of South Wales. It is the first major academic review of the benefits of swimming on the academic achievement of young people. The findings show that short and long term effects of regular training increases the number of brain cells and connections between them. This leads to improved attention and accuracy in completing tasks and longer physical and psychological benefits. Professor Cumming, who is also a Level 3 Swimming Coach, said: I’ve been honoured to lead the first major academic review on the benefits of swimming on the academic achievement of young people. A link between academic performance and regular aerobic exercise has long been acknowledged, but today's report provides ground-breaking evidence that cognitive benefits accrue specifically from competitive swimming training during adolescence. I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed to this report for their valued expertise and dedication over the last few months and I'm confident this work will stimulate further research and debate.