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Trials for the club take place at The Walnuts. Please email for details.

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Todays training

Saturday 23 Jul
Black & Purple
The Walnuts 08:00 - 09:30
The Walnuts 08:00 - 09:30
The Walnuts 08:00 - 09:30


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  • Sat 23/Jul/2016
    Sun 24/Jul/2016
    Basildon and Phoenix LC Level 3
  • Sat 10/Sep/2016
    Kent Junior League

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New Captains

Mon 18/Jul/2016

Congratulations to Sam Gaster and Katie Napier on being our Captains for 2016/17. Also congratulations to Alice Bennett, Daniella Shipley and Ben Strover on becoming our Vice Captains.

Coach Clare

Mon 18/Jul/2016

So after 16 years at Orpington Ojays I have finally hung up my Ojays shirt! I cannot thank you all enough for your kind words and generours gifts. I will miss each and every one of you terribly but on to new adventures now! Remember to focus on the good-there's a lot to be proud of there! Good luck Clare and of course thank you again from all of us for all you have done. Glad you are still going to be training with Masters.

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On Monday 25th of July there will be a fun session for all squads starting at 18:30 until 20:00.
15th 20:00 - 21:30 The Walnuts 18th 20:00 - 21:30 The Walnuts 22nd 20:00 - 21:30 The Walnuts 25th 20:00 - 21:30 The Walnuts
15th 18:15-19:15 The Walnuts (Land training) 15th 19:30-21:30 The Walnuts 17th 19:00-20:30 The Walnuts 19th 18:00-20:00 The Walnuts (with Platinum) 22nd 18:15-19:15 The Walnuts (Land training) 22nd 19:30-21:30 The Walnuts 24rd 19:00-20:30 The Walnuts 26th 18:00-20:00 The Walnuts (with Platinum)
15th 17:15-18:15 The Walnuts (Land training) 15th 18:30-20:00 The Walnuts 16th 19:00-20:30 The Walnuts 19th 18:30-20:00 The Walnuts (with Top) 22nd 17:15-18:15 The Walnuts (Land training) 22nd 18:30-20:00 The Walnuts 23rd 19:00-20:30 The Walnuts 26th 18:30-20:00 The Walnuts (with Top)
15th 18:30-19:30 The Walnuts 19th 17:00-18:00 The Walnuts 22nd 18:30-19:30 The Walnuts 26th 17:00-18:00 The Walnuts
15th 17:30-18:30 The Walnuts 17th 18:00-19:00 The Walnuts 22nd 17:30-18:30 The Walnuts 24th 18:00-19:00 The Walnuts
15th 17:30-18:30 The Walnuts 18th 18:30-20:00 The Walnuts 22nd 17:30-18:30 The Walnuts 25th 18:30-20L00 The Walnuts
16th 18:00-19:00 The Walnuts 21st 16:00-17:30 The Walnuts 23rd 18:00-19:00 The Walnuts 28th 16:00-17:30 The Walnuts
18th 18:30-19:30 The Walnuts 21st 14:30-16:00 The Walnuts 25th 18:30-19:30 The Walnuts 28th 14:30-16:00 The Walnuts
Training changes in August as it does every year. The last day or normal training is Sunday 31st of July. There will be no training for any squad starting on Monday 1st of August for two weeks. Starting on Monday 15th of August there will be a restricited timetable for two weeks. Normal training will resume Tuesday 30th of August, after the bank holiday (there is no training for any squad on Monday 29th of August). On Monday 25th of July there will be a fun session for all squads starting at 18:30 until 20:00. The Todays Training section of the homepage will reflect the restricited timetable throughout August, so if you are not sure if you are swimming in the evening, there is no morning training, check the website.


Tadpoles are term time lessons for young swimmers starting out. The new Autumn term starts on Sunday 11th September and finishes on Saturday 10th December There is no swimming Sunday 23rd October to Saturday 29th October (Half term) If you are a new Tadpole could you also please fill in the ASA 1 form. Payment for ASA membership is not due until next year.
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