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Friday 23 Mar
Black & Purple
The Walnuts 20:00 - 21:00
The Walnuts 19:00 - 20:00
The Walnuts 06:15 - 07:30
New Bronze
The Walnuts 17:00 - 18:00
St Dunstan's 18:30 - 20:30
The Walnuts 06:15 - 07:30
The Walnuts 18:00 - 19:00
St Dunstan's 18:30 - 20:30
The Walnuts 06:15 - 07:30


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  • Sat 24/Mar/2018
    Tudor League
  • Fri 30/Mar/2018
    Sat 31/Mar/2018
    Sun 01/Apr/2018
    Beckenham 125 Easter Open

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The Kent Standard

Wed 21/Mar/2018

Kent is one of the largest counties in the UK, so proportionally there are more swimmers aiming to qualify for the championships. This creates some of the toughest county QT's in the country. It's a great achievement, to gain a consideration time for Kents. It means you are at the top end of your age group in the whole of Kent, a population of nearly 2 million. If you have then made the cut and are accepted for the championships, that then puts you in the top 10/16/24/28 (depending on the event). If that was a Kent age group sports(football or netball) team, you would likely be in the team or the squad. If you then make the top 8 and win a medal, that puts you at a very high level. Top 3 will likely put you in a strong position in the south-east, Many winners can achieve national standard. Some of our Kent champions have gone on to represent their countries. Please bear the above in mind if you travel all the way to Crystal Palace or London Aquatic Centre, and are one of the majority that doesn't take a medal home in their event.

Photos of our Kent Swimmers

Kent Relays

Wed 14/Mar/2018

On Sunday 11th was the final event of the Kent Championship and what better way to finish the championship than with the best swimmers of the county competing in relay events. A team of 32 swimmers represented Orpington Ojays at this event that was held at the London Aquatic Centre which made the atmosphere of this event even more competitive. The morning session opened with the Open heat declared winner 4x100 freestyle for the Men and Medley for The Ladies. Both of them exciting races with our teams swimming fast, producing personal bests and finishing 5 overall. Well done to Nam Nguyen, Sam Gaster, Joe Gaster and Ben Strover, and Ellie Harden, Honor Kingsley-Smith, Lilli Cutajar and Clio Bacon. Louis Taylor, Niccolo Cavasino, Sam Ryan and Thomas Barrett were next on the blocks for the Boys 12 4x50 free finishing in 8th place in the heat and 7th in the final. The medley event of the same age group had our girls Sophia O’Neill, Olivia Maggee-Brown, Olivia Cenac and Amy Lawrence secured and confirmed their 6th place in the final. Great effort from James Somerville-Cotton, Adam Tang, Sahib Sandhu and Ben Langdown for competing in the boys 13/14 freestyle relay swimming faster than their personal bests. Matilda Barrett, Samantha Jackson, Jess Herbert and Bythe Jolley-Ellis competed in the same age group of the girls medley event coming 7th in the heat and 8th in the finals. Well done to Justin Strover, Max Peel, Callum Baronti and Michael Phillips who swam faster than ever in the Junior boys 4x50 free just missing the final while Ellie Harden, Alice Leng, Lilli Cutajar and Rachel Langdown finished 5 in the heat and final. A great performance from Louis Taylor, Amie Lawrence, Thomas Barrett and Sophia O’Neill swam next in the12 Mixed freestyle relay coming 6th in the heat and final. Another great performance in this competitive age group for Ben Langdown, Samantha Jackson and Sahib Sandhu in the 14 years old mixed medley relay. Well done to the Junior mixed freestyle team. Lilli Cutajar, Rachel Langdown, Callum Baronti and Michael Phillips who gave their best in the heat, however an unfortunate take over excluded the great swimmers effort from a place in the final. The Open Mixed Medley relay concluded the series of heat and finals of the morning session and Orpington Ojays was represented by Ben Strover, Honor Kingsley-Smith, Joe Gaster and Clio Bacon. Their great effort gave them a sixth place in the heat, improved to fifth in the final. The second session of the started with the Men 4x100 Medley. Ben Strover, Joe Gaster, Sam Gaster and Nam Nguyen swam pb and finished sixth overall. Ladies 4x100 free swam next with Ellie Harden, Rachel Langdown, Honor Kingsley-Smith and Clio Bacon. Well done for the great effort and 5th place achievement. Sam Ryan, Louis Taylor, Niccolo Cavasino and Thomas Barrett performed superbly next in the boys 12 and under 4x50 Medley relay. The team achieved fast splits finishing 7th in heat and final. More pbs for Sophia O’Neill, Olivia Magge-Brown, Olivia Cenac and Amie Lawrence who managed a sixth place in heat and finals and same for Matilda Barrett, Samantha Jackson, Blythe Jolley-Ellis and Jess Herbert who qualified 6th for the heat and improved to fifth in the final. Well done to Justin Strover, Max Peel, Callum Baronti and Michael Phillips who just missed a place in the final in the junior medley event. Our junior girls Rachel Langdown, Alice Leng, Lilli Cutajar and Ellie Harden managed to swim fast in the heat and faster in the final of their freestyle relay improving their final position to 5th. Well done to Sophia O’Neill, Louis Taylor, Amy Lawrence, Thomas Barrett who managed more pbs in the 12 Mixed medley relay finishing eight. In the Mixed Boys freestyle relay Ben Langdown, Blythe Jolley-Ellis, Sahib Sandhu and Jess Herbert had a great improvement from heat to final improving 2 places and finishing 6th. Another great effort for was put in by Michael, Alice, Callum and Rachel in the junior mixed medley relay who gave everything they had left into their last event preceding the Open Mixed freestyle relay represented by Clio Bacon, Honor Kingsley-Smith, Joe Gaster and Ben Strover and concluded the set of heats qualifying 4th and gave the last hit of excitement finishing 4th in the final. Well done to all our swimmers who proudly represented our Club and gave everything in the water and on poolside with great team spirit which accompanied every race of the day. Thanks also to parents with their loud cheers and officials who supported the event.

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The entry times have been revised! Please see the new times as you may now qualify. If you do and would like a hat please let Mandy Baronti know today (21st March) as there is a 24-hour extension to the hat deadline.
The event will take place at Crook Log Leisure Centre on Sunday the 20th May. This Meet grows in popularity every year and in 2018 will incorporate the KCASA Masters Long Distance Championships. They are expanding the programme too and will now be running 3 sessions on the day so that they are able to offer you the opportunity to compete in every event from 50m to 1500m. You can also enter online. Ladies: Men:


Tadpoles are term time lessons for young swimmers starting out. The new Summer term starts on Sunday 15th April and finishes on Saturday 14th July. There is no swimming on the Bank Holidays, Monday 7th May, or during half term, Sunday 27th May to Saturday 2nd June. If you are a new Tadpole could you also please fill in the ASA 1 form. Payment for ASA membership is not due until next year.
Please click here to download the forms and details.